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Lawn bowls is hella cool when I do it.

I was wandering around the city looking for something to do that I’d be naturally immediately good at.

IMG_5204 Well, that being said, that is pretty much everything. But anyway, I noticed this lawn bowling thing, so I thought I’d have a go at that!

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Whereupon I, JustinBieberDoll, go shopping at IKEA


Here I am! Welcome to the temple of flat pack furniture and the place of most wondrous Swedish marketing, IKEA!

I’m so thrilled to be here. While some may worship in a temple or a church, I worship the culture of throw away mass marketing (wherefrom sprang my JustinBieberDoll body, after all!)

So. Welcome to IKEA!


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Dance party at my house!

You should TOTALLY play this before you start reading this post, to Put You in the Mood for the rest of this post!

Ok then.

Now that we’ve had a chance, to turn the pages over, it’s time to show you the totally ace party that went down a treat at my pad the other day!

Some mates came over and we put on some tasty records. Like a weirdo Aussie singler with fluffy hair (he should get a more modern haircut, like mine, I think). His name is Jack. Mr W Jack. He used to be pretty popular until he married his cleaning lady.

Here we are trying to understand him, trying to make it clear.



Then the slow dancing started and everyone coupled up and the night was off with a bang. There was shagpile and tiger skin and DrGirlfreindDoll was out of the cocoon for the night and there to have some FUN.


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I go to a Pool Hall and astound everyone with my ball pocketing abilities

Everything I do is pretty much coated in fairy dust and sunshine rays. One of the things that I’m really super dooper good at is PLAYING POOL!

Hey, I’d like a table please!


Hey have you seen that Leonardo’s perfect man picture? He could have been painting ME! I’m anatomically PERFECT!


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Going out for the Easter weekend

Getting ready to go out takes me a long time.

First I have to shower. My sweat should be a registered weapon of love, but sometimes enough is enough. It’s just TOO POWERFUL to allow it to remain undiluted.


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