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In which I go to a beach and also a forest and am overcome by the beauty of nature

I’ve been traveling around a bit lately! I went and hung out on the beach at the Great Ocean Road for a while.


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I, JustinBeiberDoll, show off my many awesome hobbies

I’m really into the classics – art, books, that sort of shit is the shit. I have such a lot of class, you should know that by now. I should really hesitate to say it, but I kind of have class coming out of my ass. Here is a shot showing Me being classy while hugging a jigsaw.

I can do jigsaws fast, too. So fast you cannot believe how fast.  IF YOU BLINK YOU’LL MISS IT Continue reading

Cars and Boats and Trucks, Oh My!

Here in JustinBeiberDoll world, I get to travel all sorts of interesting ways and because I’m human (I TOTALLY am real), I just like being on things that move.

I could move you, you know. Look into my eyes. Feel the love I have to give you. Then, we’d BOTH be transported. To Paradise. To actual, real, Paradise.

The background of this shot has about 70 small children zooming around on motorbikes. NONE OF WHO ARE VISIBLE in this photo. You will have to take it on trust!


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Whereupon I, JustinBieberDoll, go shopping at IKEA


Here I am! Welcome to the temple of flat pack furniture and the place of most wondrous Swedish marketing, IKEA!

I’m so thrilled to be here. While some may worship in a temple or a church, I worship the culture of throw away mass marketing (wherefrom sprang my JustinBieberDoll body, after all!)

So. Welcome to IKEA!


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