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Lawn bowls is hella cool when I do it.

I was wandering around the city looking for something to do that I’d be naturally immediately good at.

IMG_5204 Well, that being said, that is pretty much everything. But anyway, I noticed this lawn bowling thing, so I thought I’d have a go at that!

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Cars and Boats and Trucks, Oh My!

Here in JustinBeiberDoll world, I get to travel all sorts of interesting ways and because I’m human (I TOTALLY am real), I just like being on things that move.

I could move you, you know. Look into my eyes. Feel the love I have to give you. Then, we’d BOTH be transported. To Paradise. To actual, real, Paradise.

The background of this shot has about 70 small children zooming around on motorbikes. NONE OF WHO ARE VISIBLE in this photo. You will have to take it on trust!


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