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I, JustinBeiberDoll, show off my many awesome hobbies

I’m really into the classics – art, books, that sort of shit is the shit. I have such a lot of class, you should know that by now. I should really hesitate to say it, but I kind of have class coming out of my ass. Here is a shot showing Me being classy while hugging a jigsaw.

I can do jigsaws fast, too. So fast you cannot believe how fast.  IF YOU BLINK YOU’LL MISS IT Continue reading


I had a pretty tame Saturday night

The night started pretty well.

Me and JarJarBinks doll were just hanging out and a bit bored after watching music videos for a bit. I found myself some really nice beer and had a bit of a drink.


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I’m authorised to go anywhere

I’m so lucky. My face is my pass! People see me coming and they are all like, Hey, Bro, You rock my world! You’re welcome into this special place! I really like entering things.


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Welcome to my blog!

Hi! My name is  JustinBieberDoll and this blog is about my really super exciting life! I really love taking selfies and I’m going to document my totally freaking awesome life and lifestyle here to you on this blog!

My story starts out pretty much the same as any JustinBieberDoll. I started off in a box and then someone very kind let me out and said ‘you should go and have some fun! So i did!

Here is my embryonic, preborn womb photo selfie:


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