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Lawn bowls is hella cool when I do it.

I was wandering around the city looking for something to do that I’d be naturally immediately good at.

IMG_5204 Well, that being said, that is pretty much everything. But anyway, I noticed this lawn bowling thing, so I thought I’d have a go at that!

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In which I go to a beach and also a forest and am overcome by the beauty of nature

I’ve been traveling around a bit lately! I went and hung out on the beach at the Great Ocean Road for a while.


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I, JustinBeiberDoll, show off my many awesome hobbies

I’m really into the classics – art, books, that sort of shit is the shit. I have such a lot of class, you should know that by now. I should really hesitate to say it, but I kind of have class coming out of my ass. Here is a shot showing Me being classy while hugging a jigsaw.

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In which I get some Kulture into me

I’m a well rounded kind of Doll and I like to do heaps of totally awesome things and go on totally awesome adventures.
I recently visited an art show.

Oh yeah. ART, Beetches.

It was in this town in the middle of no where. They have an art gallery that people seem to want to go to.

I bought a ticket and got ready to go in to see the royal something something society something. Whatevs. It’s ART and that proves that I’m NOT SHALLOW.


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Train whistle is a blowing, and so is my mind!

I took a train the other day. It stopped every station to AWESOME TOWN where I live. Oh yeah. Awesome. town. THEY’VE HAD TO GET PLANNING PERMISSION to extend the boundaries of AWESOME!

Firstly the ticket. Need to add money to it. How the heck…what is this thing. And why is it so small? And oddly angled?


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