Lawn bowls is hella cool when I do it.

I was wandering around the city looking for something to do that I’d be naturally immediately good at.

IMG_5204 Well, that being said, that is pretty much everything. But anyway, I noticed this lawn bowling thing, so I thought I’d have a go at that!


I had to wait a bit before it was my go. I was of course a bit annoyed at this because I don’t like waiting for anything. Usually someone comes and gives me anything I want, before I even know what I want.

IMG_5210 So I did what everyone would do, got really bored, so I went and had a drink or two. Beer, I love beer.

IMG_5221After that, I went and selected my balls. This is a skill that you pick up through years of practice. Unless you are me and you’re good at this straight away.


You have to remember to follow all the rules, too. Though I think Yoda might have written this sign, it bemused the heck out of me.


I had to position the balls just so and this guy had his go. Naturally he was no where as good as I was.


Bowling is so much fun when you’re naturally really excellent at it!


He shoots! He scores! woooooo!


There comes a time when you have to get your eye in and see where the ball is sitting.


Yep. Pretty close.


HE IS WINNER! Though honestly, did you expect anything else?


Time to celebrate my victory with some drinks!


Mmmm, that will do for starters.


Everyone else agreed that it was time to celebrate my victory too.


I was peckish so I went and got some food from the stripey  guys.


Oooh bread rolls. NOM NOM NOM.


I love me a bit of butter, too. Any spare butter I do like to rub on myself and roll in hundreds and thousands and pretend to be fairy bread.IMG_5216

I think I drank a bit too much.


Yep. Definitely had a bit too much celebration and cheer!

See you on my next adventure!






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