I, JustinBieberDoll, go for a walk in the park (with a bonus picnic!)

Summer has ended but Autumn is still warm enough to do cool stuff! So I went to the park today! It was beautiful out there in nature land! Almost as good looking as when I look into a mirror!


Don’t forget the thing you need for being outdoors to keep the flies and mozzies away. Squirt it. Squirt it on baby.


I had to wait for Tom Bombadill to come release me from this nasty old tree who wanted to gobble up little delicious me. Phew. That was a close call. I might have been locked in that tree forever, denying the world of my Beauty!


It was time for a walk down to the lake.


What pretty ducks there were. And kinda brown sludgey water. I could barely see my reflection in it. Do. Not. Like.


I went looking for lost tribes and discovered I was one of the Fakawi tribe!


Still I found my bearings eventually and then I found this beer. OM NOM NOM.


A bird hide, they say? Seems weird to me for me to hide this face from the birds!


See, they love me.


These man eating trees, they can’t get enough of THE JBD!


We ran into some people and decided it was time to go have a picnic


These were bloody large raspberries, I must say!


Time to go home now in my shiny new car that looks just like a tennis shoe. Goodbye!




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