I, JustinBeiberDoll, show off my many awesome hobbies

I’m really into the classics – art, books, that sort of shit is the shit. I have such a lot of class, you should know that by now. I should really hesitate to say it, but I kind of have class coming out of my ass. Here is a shot showing Me being classy while hugging a jigsaw.

I can do jigsaws fast, too. So fast you cannot believe how fast.  IF YOU BLINK YOU’LL MISS IT


Darn. You missed it.

But the best thing to do with jigsaws, is bathe in them. This way, you absorb through ozmosis, the class of the picture on the jigsaw.


I have other hobbies too, you know. I’m no one trick pony, no one hit wonder.

I like to do stuff around the house. Here i am fixing a gutter.



Here i am using a clamp.


I can do quilting better than anyone I know. Yeah. I’m QUILTING.


Meesa wearing Jar Jar as a Face!


Love bottles. Full of my own Love Juice. My hobby is both collecting and bottling my own love juice


Ok i’ve got better things to do. I’m going to get on my Harley and ride on outta here, now I’ve had some of my love juice, I’m about ready to go now.

IMG_2403 IMG_2402

With my new friend. He’s toates coming with ME tonight.



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