Monthly Archives: March 2015

I, JustinBieberDoll, go for a walk in the park (with a bonus picnic!)

Summer has ended but Autumn is still warm enough to do cool stuff! So I went to the park today! It was beautiful out there in nature land! Almost as good looking as when I look into a mirror!


Don’t forget the thing you need for being outdoors to keep the flies and mozzies away. Squirt it. Squirt it on baby. Continue reading


I, JustinBeiberDoll, show off my many awesome hobbies

I’m really into the classics – art, books, that sort of shit is the shit. I have such a lot of class, you should know that by now. I should really hesitate to say it, but I kind of have class coming out of my ass. Here is a shot showing Me being classy while hugging a jigsaw.

I can do jigsaws fast, too. So fast you cannot believe how fast.  IF YOU BLINK YOU’LL MISS IT Continue reading